Corn Leaf Aphid (Kansas Sorghum)

Scouting time

Look for aphids in the whorl of plants in the vegetative growth stage. Populations usually decline rapidly after the head begins to emerge.

Sampling method

Visually inspect sorghum whorls.


Control is rarely necessary and should only be considered if infestations persist after heads have emerged.

Chemical control



Alpha-cypermethrin (Fastac EC)

0.02 to 0.025 lb. a.i./acre (3.2 to 3.9 fl. oz./acre)

Chlorpyrifos (numerous products)

Check label, but generally 0.5 to 1 pint/acre.

Chlorpyrifos plus gamma-cyhalothrin (Cobalt)

7 to 13 fl. oz. of product/acre

Chlorpyrifos plus zeta-cypermethrin (Stallion)

9.25 to 11.75 fl. oz./acre


Non-chemical controls

Mild infestations of corn leaf aphid are generally considered to be beneficial because they attract and support populations of aphid natural enemies that later contribute to greenbug control.

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