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Buckhorn Plantain
Plantago lanceolata

Pest Description

Taken from the Missouri Weed ID Guide

Weed Description: Perennial weed primarily of turfgrass found throughout the continental United States.

Seedlings: Cotyledons resemble a grass emerging, are linear and smooth.

Leaves: All leaves are in a basal rosette. Leaves are linear to lanceolate (5-25 cm long by 1-2.5 cm wide) with veins running the length of the leaf, may be sparsely hairy or without hairs.

Flowers: A spike that is unbranched and leafless to 10 cm long and contains many inconspicuous flowers.

Fruit: A 2-seeded capsule, 3-4 mm long.Roots: Fibrous roots from a short taproot.

Identifying Characteristics: Narrow, linear leaves from a basal rosette with characteristic flowering spikes typical of a plantain.



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