ToolShed Timeline

This image displays the progress that the iWheat team is making toward completing the ToolShed. Emails will be sent to iWheat account holders to notify them as tools become available for use. For example, when the Cultivar Selector tool becomes available (winter 2012), users will recieve an email with instructions for use.

  • Cultivar Selector will be used for comparing and choosing available wheat cultivars by state and desired traits. A beta version of this tool is available for viewing!
  • Mapping Features will be used to connect data to field sites identified by latitude and longitude.
  • Register Fields will be used to identify the location of fields where pest sampling and pest management decisions are made. Exact field locations will not be made available for public view.
  • Diagnostic Keys will be easy-to-use guides for identifying wheat pests.
  • Pest Sampling Plans will provide the most current and effective protocols available for monioring pest populations within fields.
  • Treatment Selector will be used to compare and recommend treatment options and to track their effectiveness.
  • Pesticide Selector will be used to compare and recommend the most current options for chemical control of pests, along with their safety requirement and restrictions by state.

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