Sample Field for Pests

Get treatment decision:

  1. Greenbug aphid. Get a ‘treat’ or ‘don’t treat’ decision based on economic thresholds and presence of greenbug along with its natural enemy, observed as parasitized bodies called ‘mummies’
  2. Soybean aphid
  3. Russian wheat aphid coming soon

Sampling for presence (collaborative research projects):

  1. Sugarcane aphid
  2. Mapping of viral disease presence in wheat
  3. Wheat stem sawfly

How to use (must be logged in):

1) Select the Scout a Field option from the homescreen

2) Choose your sample method from the menu of options

3) Follow the steps and use the Help option for guidance to work through the sampler steps

4) In the case of Glance n' Go sample method for greenbug in wheat, a treatment decision will display once enough samples have been taken