Pest Profile

Sorghum (Sugarcane) Aphid
Melanaphis sorghi
  • Sugarcane aphid colony on leaf
  • Shiny honeydew on heavily infested plants
  • Honeydew and sooty mold covering infested leaves
  • Winged sugarcane aphid adults
  • Sugarcane aphid colony
  • Sugarcane aphid, close up

Pest Description

These are very pale yellow aphids with short, dark ‘tailpipes’ (cornicles). They are capable of very high rates of reproduction and produce copious amounts of honeydew. The sorghum aphids (previosly described as sugarcane aphid) seen in 2013 were gray to tan or light yellow. Unlike other common aphid species that feed on sorghum, sugarcane aphids have dark, paired, tailpipe-like structures, called cornicles, at the rear, and their tarsi (feet) are dark at high magnification. The dark cornicles and tarsi contrast distinctively with the lighter body color of the sugarcane aphid. Go here for more information.

Current Infestation Map provided by EDDSMapS 

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Source of information

KSRE (Mf742), Texas A&M Agrilife Extension (ENTO-035)

Pest photo source

Wendy Johnson, KSU Entomology