Pest Profile

Army Cutworm
Euxoa auxiliaris
  • Army cutworm feeding will result in small to large holes in leaves.
  • Army cutworm moth: Moths are shades of brown with various markings, and thick-bodied.
  • Army cutworm caterpillar: Caterpillars have brown and white lines running along the upper portion of the body. Up to 2" in length.

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Pest Description

The army cutworm caterpillar is a dull gray or gray-brown, less than 0.25 inch long. Adult moths emerge in summer and lay eggs in fall, where eggs remain dormant until spring. Canola is especially palatable to army cutworms. Treatment is necessary in years when army cutworm populations are high. Populations of 4 to 5 per square foot cause severe damage to stands.

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J.P. Michaud and Holly Davis, KSU Entomology