Cotton Fleahopper (Kansas Cotton)

Scouting time

Begin scouting for fleahoppers when cotton reaches the six-leaf stage. Scouting
may be difficult because adults jump from plants if they see a shadow.

Sampling method

Techniques include the use of a drop cloth or sweep net. When
sampling with a drop cloth, place the drop cloth between the rows, and shake
plants vigorously over the cloth.


During the first three weeks of squaring, the economic threshold is approximately 25 to 40
fleahoppers per 100 terminals with 10 to 15 percent blasted squares.
Using a drop cloth, consider treatment when counts range between one
bug per 1 foot of row to one bug per 3 feet of row. With a sweep net, the threshold ranges between 1 and 1-1/2 bugs per 10 sweeps.

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