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To prolong the development of a resistant population, consider rotating chemicals that have different action modes (MOA), shown here as the number alongside the chemical. Rotate between these numbers to maintain product effectiveness. Learn more about the numbers here.


The Pesticide Selector includes suggestions for chemical control of pests in Kansas crops, which are provided by K-State Research and Extension, and may not be relevant for states other than Kansas. We will continue to expand this tool for help in selecting other types of agricultural chemicals, and for other states. Contact the myFields Team if you are interested in contributing content!

The herbicide performance ratings are taken from: C.R. Thompson, D.E. Peterson, W.H. Fink, P.W. Stahlman, and J.W. Slocombe. 2020. Chemical Weed Control for Field Crops, Pastures, Rangeland, and Noncropland, Kansas State University, January 2016. Contribution no. 16-029-S from the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station. Find it online at the bookstore.

The insecticide recommendations are taken from: B.P. McCornack, S. Zukoff, R.J. Whitworth, J.P. Michaud, and H.N. Schwarting. 2019. Insect Management Guides. March 2018. Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. PDF formats are available here.

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