Pest Profile

Bushy Wallflower
Erysimum repandum

Pest Description

  • Weed Description: Bushy wallflower is an erect winter annual found primarily in turf, pasture, and agronomic crops.
  • Seedlings: Coytledons are small, spoon-shaped, tapering at the base, and notched slightly at the top.
  • Leaves: Alternate leaves, ranging 2-12cm in length and 2-12mm in width. Margins are entire or wavy with few pointed bumps occuring along the margin.
  • Flowers: Pale yellow flowers and pubescent with many star-shaped trichomes that measure 4-5.5mm in lenght.
  • Identifying Characteristics: The zigzagged stem at nodes and yellow flowers with 4 sepals are defining characteristics of bushy wallflower.

(Missouri University - Weed Science, Division of Plant Science)

Pest photo source

Dr. Dallas Peterson, KSU