For details on a time saving scouting procedure, see Sampling Russian Wheat Aphid on the Western High Plains (Colorado State University Cooperative Extension/ Great Plains Agricultural Council Bulletin GPAC 138, available through the Morgan Library).

Information on the Greenbug Management Decision Support System, Glance-n-Go can be found at: [].

Recommendations and guidelines for chemical control change quickly. There are often federal, state, and local restrictions that make broad statements regarding pesticide usage of little value. The use of specific insecticides or rates is at times restricted to certain areas or times of the year. It is strongly suggested to check with state and local information guides and the pesticides label when chemical control is being considered. Listed below are selected websites, electronic documents, and books on wheat pest management.

The Colorado Environmental and Pesticide Education Program

High Plains Integrated Pest Management Guide

Kansas State University Directory of Wheat Pests

Oklahoma State University Information of Insects/Arthropods and Plant Disease

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Crop Watch

NebGuide-Cereal Aphids

North Dakota-Entomology Updates

NDSU Cereal Grain Insects

North Central IPM Center-South Dakota

Pest Management Strategic Plan for Northern Wheat

Texas AgriLife Extension Service

University of Wyoming-Cooperative Extension Service

Colorado State University Extension Program

National Pesticide Information Center

Wheat Diseases and Pests: a guide for field identification

Other Resources

Buntin et al. 2007. Handbook of Small Grain Insects. ESA.

Bockus. 2010. Compendium of Wheat Diseases and Pests. APS Press.