2015 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat


The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station annually compares both new and currently grown varieties in the state’s major crop-producing areas. These performance tests generate unbiased performance information designed to help Kansas growers select wheat varieties suited for their area and conditions. 

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Authored by Jane Lingenfelser, KSU Assistant Agronomist. Data collected/summarized by Bill Bockus, Plant Pathologist; Erick DeWolf, Plant Pathologist; Allan Fritz, Wheat Breeder; Mary Knapp, Weather Data Librarian; Jeff Whitworth, Entomologist; Rebecca Miller, Grain Science and Industry; Jim Shroyer, Agronomist; Eric Adee, Ottawa; Gary Cramer, Hutchinson; Andrew Esser, Scandia; James Kimball, Ottawa; Michael Larson, Scandia; Patrick Evans, Colby; Kelly Kusel, Parsons; Lonnie Mengarelli, Parsons; Alan Schlegel, Tribune; Clayton Seaman, Hays; Monty Spangler, Garden City; Guorong Zhang, Hays; Ming Chen; Richard Chen; Laura McLaughlin, USDA; Justin Knopf, Gypsum; Calvin Bohnert, Mankato. 

Contribution number 16 - 021-S from the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station.