2014 Kansas Performance Tests with Corn Hybrids


Corn performance tests, conducted annually by the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, provide farmers, extension workers, and seed industry personnel with unbiased agronomic information on many of the corn hybrids marketed in the state. Entry fees from private seed companies finance the tests. Because entry selection and location are voluntary, not all hybrids grown in the state are included in tests, and the same group of hybrids is not grown uniformly at all test locations. Most companies submit seed treated with systemic insecticides, which can affect yield in some situations. A column listing insecticide seed treatments for each hybrid is included in Table 9 to help interpret yield results. 

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Authored by Jane Lingenfelser, Assistant Agronomist (Senior Author); Doug Jardine, Extension Plant Pathologist; Jeff Whitworth, Extension Entomologist; Mary Knapp, KSU Weather Data Librarian; Edward O. Quigley, Agricultural Technician; Eric Adee, Topeka; Gary Cramer, Hutchinson; James Kimball, Ottawa; Michael Larson, Scandia; Wendell Lilyhorn, Hutchinson; Keith Thompson, Hutchinson; Wayne Aschwege, Hays; DeWayne Bond, Tribune; Patrick Evans, Colby; Kelly Kusel, Parsons; Alan Schlegel, Tribune; Monty Spangler, Garden City; Gene Eidman, Strong City; Fuhrman Farms, Severance; Lance Rezac, Onaga; Norman Schmidt, Inman; Clayton Short, Assaria; Justin Vosburgh, Macksville.

Contribution no. 15-017-S from the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station.